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Beth-BaranyBeth Barany
Creativity Coach +

Brooke Warner Brooke Warner
Publisher +
Writing Coach +

Rachel Kelly Rachel Kelly
Best-selling Author +
Mental Health

Joanne Fedler
Writing Coach +
Activist +

Uma GirishUma Girish
Grief Guide +

Mark Wolynn Mark Wolynn
The Family Constellation Institute Director +
Award-winning Writer

Shiloh Sophia McCloud Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Visionary Artist +

Albert Flynn DeSilver
Poet + Writer +
Workshop Facilitator

Linda Joy Myers Linda Joy Myers
Writing Coach + Teacher + Writer

Morgan Gist MacDonald Morgan Gist MacDonald
Editor + Book Coach

Christine Cissy White Christine Cissy White
Writer + Health Activist

Jacqui Pretty Jacqui Pretty
Editor + Author

Dawn Montefusco Dawn Montefusco
Writing Coach +
Best-selling Author

Anne Janzer Anne Janzer
Author + Writer + Speaker

John Matthew Fox John Matthew Fox
Editor + Writer

Debra Giusti Debra Giusti
Entrepreneur + Marketer

Dennis Shaver Dennis Shaver
Product development entrepreneur + Author + Coach

Maria Marnane Maria Murnane
Best-selling Author

Donna Stoneham Donna Stoneham
Master Executive Coach +
Leadership Development Consultant

Janet Conner Janet Conner
Writer + Radio Host +
Spiritual Field Guide

Joel Friedlander Joel Friedlander
Self-Publishing Guru + Book Designer

Sally Griffyn Sally Griffyn
Director Founder Yoga Connects Festival Ltd

Devorah Spilman Devorah Spilman
A Master Storyteller + Intuitive Coach + Founder of In Story Group

Mary Reynolds Thompson Mary Reynolds Thompson
Author + Writing Coach + Certified Poetry and Journal Facilitator



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