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Interview with Dawn Montefusco

Dawn Montefusco

  • Track Your Inner Critic(s) Back to the Source
  • Break Through “Risk Barriers” to Unleash Your Story
  • Write it Wrong to Get It Right

Dawn Montefusco’s Bio: Dawn Montefusco is an award winning poet, author, public speaker and writing coach. She inspires clients with a desire to write memoir and tell powerful stories. Her passion and keenest talent is coaching writers on a path of self discovery by finding their voice and crafting memoirs through a proven process. A native of New York City, Dawn graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Arts, worked in the fields of Public Relations and Marketing and then went on to achieve a MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University. She earned her Solution-Focused Coaching Certification from Erickson College and developed the international online writing series Write Because It Matters.